Lamentum Nightmare when love becomes blind

Apparently the count himself was too tired, he asked if they should leave all truth behind and go away. Victor left instead of answering. He went to the garden and met the strange girl who had saved his wound. She said that the earl had opened all the doors of the mansion, which meant they could leave now. However, she said she did not want to leave this place. Maybe she didn’t want them to leave either. Victor reaches the mansion gate and he can actually go outside. However, not far from the main gate of Grau Hill, he saw a strange girl sitting in the rain.

Her name is Lily Bath. He warns that Grau Hill is dangerous, but Lily says she knows and wants to come here herself. She desires to find change, overcome her limits and do the impossible. She had worked so hard to get to this place, so it wouldn’t be easy to leave without reaching her goal. She asked Victor in return if he really wanted to leave Grau Hill, because once he was out there was no chance of going back. Lily’s words clearly had a strong impact on Victor, prompting him to return to the mansion. Victor went straight to the library, using the small items he had found during his investigation to put in the three statues.

The bars on both sides finally opened, and Victor was able to go inside to find Alissa. He again finds a will written by Hartmut Steinrot about the connection of the two worlds and powerful beings called Laments that are slowly traveling among humanity that we cannot see with the naked eye. Everyone thought he was crazy, but he didn’t think so because he saw it with his own eyes. He went to the poorest parts of the city to buy babies, where the slave owners assured him no one would question if the children disappeared.

As a proud man, Hartmut should never have accepted to do something that he thought was so despicable. But the temptation of power is too great, especially if those Outer Gods or Laments are successfully resurrected, the Steinrot family may be resurrected like the glorious days of the past. So Hartmut put aside his pride and pride to embark on that damned experiment. As the record in the ancient book found by Hartmut states, “The body for the Lament to reside in must be agreed upon by all six, not all hosts are suitable and there have been many rejections in the past.”

Back in the present, Victor goes to the library inside this locked area and discovers an encoding of symbols that we encounter many times in the mansion. The notes continue to reveal to Victor the buried secret. The code is passed down to the Steinrot family after the death of the family head, there are many unknowns in the history of this family when many members of the family are removed from the family tree.
While scouring this locked library area, Victor accidentally met an elderly man. He was Roderick – a writer. According to his own records, Roderick had not left this room since arriving at Grau Hill. He had to write a massive autobiography and it took up all of his time. There was a nagging voice in his mind telling him to write, which he believed was his late wife’s voice. And so he stayed here, leaving his 11-year-old son David wandering around the mansion without bothering to look for him even though he hadn’t seen him for a long time. He just knew he needed ink, lots of ink to be able to continue writing.

Victor seemed displeased with him, after advising Roderick to find his son but was ignored, he left. Victor wandered again and accidentally entered a room that looked like a classroom, only more hideous than blood everywhere and the walls of crucified children.

In a panic, he went to ask the only person alive in the room, but received an answer that couldn’t be more bizarre. He said that the other children didn’t deserve it, so that was their fate. But before Victor could get angry, the man had poked his own eyes out in front of him, he continued to scream that he was not worthy.

He said he dared to look her in the eye when he didn’t deserve it, so this is his fate. Victor wanted to leave this strange place, but before that he accidentally picked up the key with the image of the eternal reincarnation snake Ouroboros in the room. Before he left, he saw that there was a very devilish picture hanging in the room depicting the birth of a creature like a child of the devil.

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