The most notable points in Free Fire’s OB32 update

OB32 has officially docked Free Fire Vietnam on January 19, bringing a lot of remarkable points about characters, weapons and features.

Xayne gets a boost
According to Garena’s share, since her debut in mid-April this year, Xayne has not shown the strength as expected due to the relatively high cooldown of the activation skill. So in version OB32, Xayne has been buffed by changing a few parameters below:
Bonus damage when hitting ice walls & Chrono shields: 40/50/61/73/86/100% -> 80/90/100/110/120/130%.
Duration: 10 seconds -> 15 seconds.
Cooldown: 150/140/130/120/110/100 seconds.
Although the instant health bonus remains at 80 compared to previous versions, with the extended duration, the reduction rate of this 80 health is no longer as fast as before, due to that is still beneficial to the player in combat situations. In addition, the increased damage to the ice wall & Chrono shield is also increased sharply compared to before, especially at the early levels, helping players using Xayne become a glue machine that does not tire of any opponent. any.

Maxim continues to get nerfed
As mentioned in a recent post, the glutton Maxim got his second update in a row nerfed by Garena. After becoming extremely popular thanks to the Gluttony skill buff that reduced the speed of using first aid bags and eating mushrooms by 40%, now that number is only 25%.
Overall, after two consecutive versions of nerf, Maxim’s passive skill is no longer a must-have option in Garena Free Fire, but instead players can use other skills, such as Leon’s ability to recover from combat, for example!

Add hearing box to Death War mode
Besides the usual survival mode, Tu Chien is one of the HOT modes of Garena Free Fire. Hearing crates will appear in each round and only in normal Deathmatch mode.
In the box of Death War mode, Garena also provides an extremely high-quality weapon, a shotgun M1887 with up to … 3 bullets, ready to destroy all opponents at close range even in this OB32 M1887 with a series of Other submachine guns and shotguns have reduced range and headshot damage.
Armor has increased resistance to explosion damage
After a long time being complained by players for the hegemony of grenades, Garena finally listened and upgraded the explosion damage resistance of the armor tiers in the game, specifically as follows:

Armor Lv. 1: Explosion-proof +10%
Armor Lv. 2: Explosion-proof +15%
Armor Lv. 3: Explosion-proof +20%
This makes it much more difficult to instantly kill enemies with grenades at a later stage. They can now take some Grenade damage and heal through meds or healing skills.

Shotguns and submachine guns have been nerfed
According to Garena’s announcement, before OB32, shotguns and submachine guns have a slightly long range, which leads to players using submachine guns at most ranges. Therefore, in OB32, the range of most guns of the two lines mentioned above is reduced by 5%. In addition, head damage at long range is also reduced by 20%.
The above edits will change the gameplay of Garena Free Fire quite a bit, especially for players who like to wave their heads. Even so, Garena has also buffed a few automatic rifles like the AUG, Scar, and Kingfisher to balance out the game’s weapon system.

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